Friday, June 3, 2011

This is Not Underwear

I have mentioned before that I'm a big car barker in the car.  My mom got me some music which helped a lot but I still like to bark at things.  My vet recommended the Thunder Shirt (because we already had one) to see if that would keep me calmer in the car as it has helped with visitors and thunder.  That didnt' help too much in the car though.  She said if that didn't work to try the Calming Cap. So a few weeks ago my mom ordered me this contraption and when it arrived a few days ago she decided to give it a try.

This is what the website says about it:

The directions on how to get the thing on were a little hard to understand but once she figured out how it was supposed to attach to my collar in two places we got it on.  I wasn't so sure about this thing but I kept getting chicken (one of my favorite) treats so I put up with it.

Just chillin at home with my Calming Cap
We tried it at home a bit and my mom made me walk around and I was able to find my food bowl and my treats.  Next came the big test though - wearing it in the car.

My mom got me in the car (with my cap on) to go to class.  We passed bicylists, trucks, people walking - all the stuff I usually love to bark at and nothing.  While at a stop sign my mom got a quick picture of me with the cap on.

Me not barking at anything in the car.
 This picture caused a lot of ruckus with my mom's friends the other day. One asked if there was a calming cap for lawyers, several thought I was wearing underwear on my head and one thought I was so anxious in the car because my mom was taking pictures instead of driving (we were at a stop light). 

So far so good but we'll have to see if I use my spidey sense of hearing (notice those long ears) to determine when there is a bike or big truck nearby and still bark.  My mom is hoping this will retrain me to ride in the car without being agitated at everything and then I won't have to wear the underwear - I mean calming cap - all the time.  We shall see.

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  1. Where my Mum grew up alot of people had horses, she says when the horse got anxious about getting in the trailer they would cover their head with a towel ... I think this is the same idea.