Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Preparation

My birthday is next month and I will be FIVE! My mom has always made a special day of my birthday.

On my first birthday my Aunt Joey came to visit from San Francisco and Mumble's Mom Carrie made me special doggy cupcakes (this was before Mumble was even born).

On my second birthday my mom got me a cake from Three Dog Bakery and had some of my favorite people and dogs over for a party.

On my third birthday my mom invited some friends - people and doggies - for a hike in Malibu and then we had a picnic.

Last year on my fourth birthday we had a party at the Zoom Room in Culver City - Carrie made me an Agility Cake and there was lots of running around and playing. My grandma and great-grandma were there for that party (and my great-grandma kept sneaking me chicken from the people food table). It was lots of fun (but my mom wished she had had more time to plan it but she had to go talk to some fancy people in black robes the day before). I wore my blue birthday hat and it was lots of fun!
This is my Agility Cake - there was a cake for people and one for dogs!

Me and Mumble waiting for some snacks!

Mumble and Me sneaking a peek at the cake - it looked good!
 Anyway - my mom hasn't decided what to do for my birthday this year but she ordered me a birthday crown (with removable numbers so we can use it year after year).

What did you do for your last doggy birthday?

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