Thursday, June 2, 2011

Obedience Two at the Zoom Room: Class Two

Last night we had our second obedience two class.  Boy we had to work hard!  First we all practiced our stays again with just our moms or dads.  I get bored during this part of class and was trying to drink water (I like being next to the water bowl) and was barking at this puppy next to me (he kept barking at his mom so I would bark back but my mom didn't appreciate the irony of this).

After all that practice then we got to stay for real.  All the dogs lined up on one side of the room and then one dog would wait on one side while his person made him wait.  When it was my turn I stayed almost the whole ten seconds but when the instructor told my mom to call me I got up and went right before she did (I knew she was going to).  So I need to work on that one.

Next we did our loose leash walking.  I am really GOOD at this most of the time but on the first go around I wanted to smell all the treats the other people had left behind and then I kept trying to bark at that  barking puppy who was behind me and my buddy Mumble thought that was a good idea and he started barking so the instructor had to stop everyone and wait for the three of us to stop barking and calm down.  After that I got better (also I showed my mom this morning on our walk that I could do this no problem but she told me to do it in class instead). 

Then the instructor decided he would see how we did with distractions and staying.  So he pulled out some noisy pull toy and rolled it by all the dogs and we weren't supposed to get up or bark.  This didnt' go over well with a lot of dogs - myself included.  Imagine some weird noise making thing the size of your head following some guy making all this noise.  I barked once but my mom got me to settle down.  That toy got put away.  Next they brought out a tennis ball and threw that down the center of the room and we were supposed to ignore that too.  Being MUCH older than all the dogs (Mumble is the next oldest dog and I'm 2 1/2 years older than him) a lot of the dogs wanted to chase that ball but I just watched it roll away. We did this a bunch of times and some of those puppies kept trying to get that ball and I just kept laying there - taking a nap.

Then we had to be separated from our parents in pairs. The instructor and his lovely assistant went down the line and would take a dog and their person would go outside and wait a few minutes.  The dog is supposed to be nice and quiet.  Well Mumble and I were the last ones to go.  The regular instructor took me and my mom slipped out the door (I didn't even know she had left because the instructor had some yummy treats).  Mumble was not so willing to take part in this activity.  You see the lovely assistant is new and Mumble didn't know her and Mumble thinks he is in charge at the Zoom Room since he has gone there since he was a puppy so there was a lot of ruckus before he would let his mom leave.  (They thought I was going to be the problem as I don't always like someone taking me from my mom at the groomers or at the vet.) 

That was about it - we'll have to see what happens next week. 

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