Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Chopper

Today is Chopper's birthday!

He's turning five and most days I can't believe he's that old but still only five. I have planned a party for him and we will share some pictures next week but for now I wanted to share five of my favorite things about Chopper (keeping with the theme of five).

1. His ears. Those ears have been the subject of quite a few vet visits (the time he cut one and it wouldn't stop bleeding and the world's longest ear infection) so I joke that they are the most expensive part of him but they are just so darn cute and they flop when he runs and spread out on the floor when he lays down. Adorable.

2. He will give anything the old college try. Between Chopper's anxiety and his neuroses and all the solutions I attempt to come up to combat those we have been through a lot of training, supplements, medications, products, diets and conditioning and the fact that this dog leaves the house every day still surprises me. Most 70 lb coonhounds don't do agility but it seemed like something that would make him use his brain so he wouldn't think about all the scary stuff in the world. And we loved it (even if he stops halfway through to scratch his ears). He lets me strap him into a Thundershirt or a Calming Cap for a car ride without putting up a fight. He will follow a garbage truck for two blocks getting treats all the way and trying his hardest not to bark.

3. The way he takes a bone. He will sit, sniff, inspect and then accept it and run away with it. Every time. It's like he is checking to make sure I haven't slipped some contraband into the bone.

4. That even at five people still think he's a puppy because of his goofy antics and jumping around and bowing to other dogs. I like to think this means he'll be around for a long long time.

5. He is always happy to see me. I know this is true of most dogs but it really is the best part of a dog. I can have to work late and be home two hours later than usual and he's not mad - in fact he's even more happy to see me. I can have dropped him off at the groomer's or handed him over to a vet tech for four vaccinations and when he comes back he runs to me with a big goofy look on his face.

There are many many more things I love about this dog but that's enough for now - I don't' want him to get too big of a head.