Monday, April 9, 2012

Car Ride From Hell

Or so I was told as I was not a part of it.

Chopper has some severe separation anxiety which is pretty much under control.  There are bouts of screaming when being left at the groomers and an occasional lay down in front of the door as I try to leave but usually a piece of chicken will solve the problem.  (He has even passed the CGC test which involves supervised separation.)

Last night Chopper and I ended up at friend's house and Chopper couldn't really get in my car as it was full of boxes of furniture.  So my friend drove Chopper home and I drove my car home.  At some point I pulled up next to him and she rolled the window down and I said "hi."  This was clearly not the right move.  What followed was  a lot of whining which morphed into hysterical coonhound screaming. At one point I am told that he attempted to climb in her lap.  He weighs 70 lbs on a good day.  That's not really a lap dog. 

When we got home he practically burst out of the car and leaped in to my arms.  He was immediately freaked out by a paper bag across the street and went into crazy bark mode.  At midnight.  Fun.

Five minutes later he was back to his old self and asleep on his bed.  Oh Chopper.