Friday, November 19, 2010

Dog Accessories on Etsy

So one of my favorite websites is Etsy. I love finding handmade treasures. Chopper has been the recipient of more than a few presents from various shops. Here are a few of my favorite items that we may be taking home soon.

So up first is a lovely collar that is good year round for either boy or girl doggies. It reminds me of some of my favorite Orla Kiely designs. And ringing in at only $20, it's a steal.

Next up we have a fully customizable dog collar id tag. I am a big fan of wood grain in design so this one is probably going on our wish list. This is a bit pricey for an id tag, at $10, but it is just so darn cute.

And here's a great leash that will match your new id tag ($38).

Here is a fun one. We hardly ever use store bought doggy waste disposal bags so my pockets are often full of plastic bags when it comes time for a walk. This little contraption solves all that. Just stuff your own plastic bags inside and you are ready to go. And because it has multi-colored polka dots it will match any leash or collar.

The final item is a treat pouch ($15). We have a pretty intense treat pouch at our house that is bordering on a fanny pack but if you are looking for something a bit more stylish this is just too cute to pass up.

Lots of these items would make great stocking stuffers for that dog lover in your life if you don't have a pooch of your own to spoil. I know Chopper loves getting presents from other people.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dirt Dog v. Chopper

I do not like the Dirt Dog.  My mom thinks it is pretty great though.

The Dirt Dog arrived on Monday while my mom was at work - in a nice brown box on the porch.  I love when packages come because most of the time they are for me and I like to bark at the delivery person.  She came home and was very excited and told me there was a "new dog" in the box.  I jumped up and sniffed and didn't smell a dog but was still happy there was a box.  Then she just left the box there.  The next day she opened it and there was no dog inside, or treats, or anything else that looked like fun.  I lost interest.

The next morning I was taking a nap before my morning walk and I heard it.  There was a yellow disc - this so-called Dirt Dog - running all over the house.  I barked at it and kept barking until my mom turned it off.  Then she put some treats on it but I'm no fool - I was not getting near that thing.  Then it beeped and started running around again.  I barked at it some more and she turned it off.  Once it was off I still didn't trust it and thought I had to keep my eye on it.

Chopper keeping an eye on the Dirt Dog.
 When she got home from work last night she brought the Dirt Dog back out and I got locked in the bedroom.  I barked a little but since the door was closed (and the doggy gate was up as an extra barrier) I felt pretty safe so I stopped.  This morning it got locked in the bedroom while I went on a walk so I guess we are even.

My mom thinks that it is pretty great.  It sweeps everything while we go for a walk or watch television. (This morning she got everything out from under the bed and it got it really clean under there.)  And it only took her about five minutes to do the maintenance this morning, which is very important since dog hair can get stuck in the brushes.  All in all I guess it is a good thing but I still don't like it.