Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obedience Two at the Zoom Room: First Class

So I have started yet another class at the Zoom Room.  Last week was the first class of Obedience 2 and I signed up to take it with my buddy Mumble.  My mom thought there would only be six dogs (because that was the number of dogs in all my other classes) but turns out in obedience classes there can be ten dogs!!  And it was full in due in part to a Groupon. I need my space so we weren't so sure this was going to work for us but we decided to give the first class a try anyway.

The idea is that at the end of the class you take the Canine Good Citizen Test.  There are lots of things you have to perfect - staying for ten second at ten feet away, leaving a treat, walking through a crowd and letting the examiner touch your paws, your teeth and your mouth to simulate a vet examination.  Since I have been taking classes almost my whole life and my mom makes me practice these things all the time I was not worried about most of it EXCEPT for the examination.  I don't really like to be touched by strangers but I will tolerate it but I REALLY don't like going to the vet so looking in my ears and examining my mouth are not high on my list of fun things to do.  (I had a nasty ear infection last year and I didn't even like my mom touching my ear for months.)  So my mom decided I would probably take this class two times before I took the test so that I could have more time to get used to someone touch my ears and teeth.

Anyway during the first class we practiced our stay and leaving a treat and walking on a loose leash.  I sometimes have a problem with stay (I want to run to my mommy) but my mom has been using the clicker this week to help remind me that I do need to stay until she calls me (and then I get lots of hugs and treats) so I have been cooperating.  The leash bit is really no problem (except that when we walked around the Zoom Room I was trying to check out all the treats that people had left behind - I can't help it that I get hungry a lot). 

Tomorrow is our second class so I am excited for what we do next - but I think it is being separated from our people for a few minutes (I am sometimes okay with this but other times not so much - usually at the groomers or at the vets so we'll see how it goes).

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