Friday, June 10, 2011

Obedience Two at the Zoom Room: Class Three

Well I wasn't too keen on going to class this week because my buddy Mumble was sick and had to stay home.  But then my mom broke out the turkey hot dogs, which we haven't had in months so I mustered some energy and went to class (after Mumble came over to say hi so I could make sure he was really ok). 

This week we did almost all the tasks on the CGC test.  First, our instructor went around and shook all the dog parents' hands.  I passed that one.

Then there was the vet inspection - as usual I was not to excited about this one.  I let the instructor get one look in my ear but then I was done.  All the other dogs think this is fun but I'm sure because I'm so much older than all of them that I know better.  My mom does not think so and says I need to get over this and she's going to keep trying until I do.  We'll see about that.

Next we practiced some distractions.  Our  instructor threw a tennis ball about a million times down the center of the room.  He would tell the parents when to give us a treat but my mom decided to try without a treat - since that is the way you have to do it during the test - and guess what?  I could have cared less about that ball.  I just watched my mom every time - some times she would tell me good job and rub my head but mostly she ignored me and I ignored that ball.  Next came the noisy baby toy.  My ears went way back when that came out and my mom took out the turkey hot dogs again so I didn't bark.

Then we had to do the down/stay and I passed like an old pro.  Then the separation and this time the instructor didn't have to give me treats (but I was very happy when my mom came back in - I ran to her - it was very cute I'm told).

Then the walking.  My mom is not happy with me about this part.  See she knew the vet inspection was going to be rough since I don't like the vet but she thought this was going to be a breeze because I walk great in my neighborhood on a loose leash or in a heel.  And I do well in crowds. (Have you ever walked through the security line and the entrance plaza at Disneyland?  Well I do all the time and I don't even care about the monorails - anymore.)  But I do not like doing this activity in class.  Sometimes I like to try and go up on the agility equipment (I miss that class), sometimes I like to sniff all the mom's purses (if they aren't using the lockers they must want me to smell them) and sometimes I just don't want some dog I don't know walking behind me. 

The solution?  My mom made me walk in a heel during our whole morning walk today.  I'm thinking I maybe should get my act together on this one.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World Oceans Day

Chopper loves the ocean and the beach and although today is not a particularly nice day here in Southern California (all gloomy and gray) we enjoy a walk at the beach about once a week (next to rather since dogs are not allowed on the beach near our house) and a few times a year make the drive up to the dog beach so that Chopper can explore the shells and the sand and the best part the ocean.

So on World Oceans Day we remind you - "Don't Trash Where You Splash!"