Friday, February 11, 2011

Scent Practice

So yesterday my mom got home early to let the plumber in and since it was still daylight when he left she took me outside to practice sniffing - I mean "scent discrimination."  I'm taking a class at the Zoom Room and my mom decided that we needed to practice at home as well.  (Now I don't think I need to practice because I'm the only hound dog in class but I still LOVE to practice.)  So my mom cut up some hot dogs and we went out where the Chopper-Mobile is parked (that's what I call my mom's CR-V) to practice. 

She would put my leash on a pole and then put stuff in the boxes we got at the Zoom Room and then come and get me to "find it."  Now we had some problems.  First, the boxes came unfolded and my mom had to put them together.  Well she kind of screwed up figuring out the first one and it wouldn't stay closed.  She used it as the "decoy" box but it was not very effective when it kept popping open.  So then we didn't have a decoy box until she kind of just smashed it together.  Second, my mom did not set up my crate (even though it was in the Chopper-Mobile) and instead just put my leash over a pole, which meant as soon as she put those boxes down I thought it was time to do my stuff.  That is until the pole pulled back (I never liked those poles, sometimes she puts my leash on one to brush me and I have not figured out a way to get away from her when she does that).  Other than that it was fun fun fun. 

My mom tried to fool me by putting the boxes near garbage cans and around corners but I found them every time and gave her the proper alert, which is sitting next to the box (and only had to be reminded to sit a few times).  And I NEVER sat at the decoy box.  Also I sniffed a lot more than I do at class - I think my mom didn't put as much of the smelly stuff in the box so it was a little harder and I had to use my nose more - I'm not really sure. 

After that I was too tired to eat dinner right away and had to go take a nap inside - all that sniffing can sure wear a dog out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So Mumble and I have had a lot of sleepovers in the last few weeks.  First he stayed with me when my mom had to go out of town for work and now he is staying with us because his mommy had to go out of town.  We brought my big bed from the living room in for him to try but that lasted about five minutes before he decided to sleep on my mom's bed with her.  I guess he misses his mom because normally we don't do that here. 

Mumble didn't last long on the dog bed - I guess that means we have room for another friend.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Scent Discriminattion Class: Week 4

Well my mom has been busy busy busy.  My friend Mumble and his mom stayed at my house a bunch of nights in the last few weeks because my mom was away for work.  But we have not missed any of our Scent Classes at the Zoom Room.  Weeks 2 & 3 we worked on the same things as Week 1 (and my mom had to sniff some stuff too) but this last week was really challenging.

First we had to sniff the boxes with the treats again and Birch and Anise and then just one scent.  We have been learning to alert when we smell the scent.  I like to paw at the box or step on in but the trainer says I have to sit - then when I sit he says I don't sniff it enough.  I'm a hound dog I don't need to take big whiff like all those girl dogs.

This week he tried to fool us.  First he put out two boxes with a scent/treat and then one with nothing.  I didn't sit at the box with nothing - so there!  Then he put a box with treats but no scent.  Again I passed it without sitting (and it had turkey hot dogs in it - my favorite).  My mom bought some stuff for us to practice at home with so we'll see how that goes. There is one little dog that is really good - she sniffs for a long time and then sits at the right box - I think the trainer wants me to sniff more but my big hound dog nose can smell it - I swear.

We are having tons of fun and I can't wait to take another class (I've already done Agility classes, Agility League and a Tricks Class).  My mom thinks an Advance Obedience class or a Therapy Dog class would be good for me since I need to learn to calm down sometimes.