Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favorite Music: Through A Dog's Ear

I love to ride in the car.  I also love to bark in the car. I bark at big trucks, bicycles, joggers, other dogs, and anything else strikes my fancy -  wagging my tail the whole time.  My mom, however, does not like it when I bark in the car.

She tried to get me to stop barking by throwing treats at me (or yelling at me) but I ride all the way in the back of our SUV so there wasn't much she could do.  Then she found out about Through A Dog's Ear.  Through a Dog's Ear is a series of CDs with classical music that has been specially formulated for dogs.  The website states that it "uses psychoacoustic techniques that naturally trigger the relaxation or arousal response."  My mom says it is "research-based" and she liked that so we ordered the whole set.  There were some CDs for when I was home alone, one for when my mom was home with me and one for the car.

Via Through a Dog's Ear

We started with the CDs in the house and then used the car CD for short trips to condition me to the music.  After awhile I didn't seem to want to bark (as much at least) at all the exciting things outside.  Now I can just look out the rear window and enjoy the scenery.   After a few months I got so used to the music that my mom can put it on if I am barking at something and I almost instantly stop.  I just LOVE that music.  My mom loves it too and she seems much less stressed when we have to go in the car.  Now if only we could figure out how to play it when I'm on my walk and passing a garbage truck.

We highly recommend that you check these out if your dog (or you) are ever stressed in the car (or at home).

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