Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sir Chopper

Chopper has always been good with old dogs - especially lady dogs.  All the cougars seem to attract him.  They will nuzzle his face and he will sniff them so gently and never do his puppy pounce nonsense.  He's always a gentleman.

Well there is this guy in our neighborhood who has a basset hound and an older American lab - Molly.  Chopper has known the lab since he was a puppy - she's a few years older than him but the basset hound has not been around as long.  This guy always says hi to Chopper - calls his name from across the street and Chopper seems to not mind him too much. ( On a side note - I have no idea what his name is or most other people's in my neighborhood but I know their dogs' names and they all know Chopper's name - I am sure I am known as "Chopper's Mom.") Chopper is not a fan of the basset hound - when it first came he barked at it twice and now this guy reminds me every time we see him that "oh Chopper doesn't like him."  To Chopper's credit he just walks past this dog - he doesn't bark or growl - he just doesn't acknowledge that it is there.

The other day we saw the guy and the basset hound coming our way but no Molly.  I was starting to get worried as Molly has been limping a lot lately and looks tired.  As we get close to them - here comes Molly around the corner half a block away.  I have definite opinions  about basically ignoring your poor old dog on your walk but I kept them to myself.  We said "hello" and then proceed to go see Molly who by now was taking another rest in someone's front lawn.  When Chopper got to her he sniffed and did other things I can only imagine mean "hello."  Poor Molly just kept sitting there with her person half a block away.  Chopper appeared rather offended by this set up and took up a post next to Molly and proceed to stare at her human for some time as if to say "come get your dog."  The guy laughed at Chopper and then eventually kept walking with his other dog and I got Chopper to leave Molly - who proceeded to follow her human half a block behind but he kept looking back at Molly. 

It's nice to know that Chopper can be a gentleman at times.