Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doggy Loot

Well I love free stuff and a deal as much as the next dog- sometimes my mom will go to some dog event and come home with a whole bunch of samples of treats or dog food (which she uses as treats but I know its just kibble I'm not stupid).

So the other day I came across a site that had mentioned my review of the yep yup door organizer. The site is called Doggy Loot.  I'm not sure how long Doggy Loot has been around but it seems like a fun site if you're a dog or have an owner that likes to spoil you rotten (enter me).  Anyway the site allows you to buy a voucher for a product at 50% off or more.  Right now most of the deals are available for local businesses in Chicago but once a week there are national deals.  Also the site indicates that they are looking at expanding to other cities (at least that's what my mom said).

So while I keep my paws crossed for a LA doggy loot website you should check this site out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Just thought I would say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. 

Last night I celebrated with my mom - she's my Valentine - at the Zoom Room in Culver City.  They were having an Italian-themed Valentine's Party so Mumble and I wore some Italian necklaces my Aunt Joey sent me (you can see Mumble's better because he has a white neck).  My mom also dressed up to match me!

Me and Mumble with our Valentines - our moms!

Bath Time at Bark Williams

So yesterday my mom decided that I needed a bath.  I've been a bit flaky and she keeps telling me I stink (which I don't think is very nice of her).  So after our Scent Discrimination Class we went to Bark Williams.  This is a place where you go and it looks like a groomer's but then your mom stays with you - my mom calls it a self-service dog wash.  It was busy yesterday because it was Sunday.  Usually my mom goes when they first open so we don't have to wait but today we had to wait.  I kept trying to convince her to leave but she was not having it.

When it was my turn the man cleaned out the tub for me and lowered the ramp.  After the promise of some hot dogs I begrudgingly went up the ramp and let my mom hook me up.  My mom likes to hook me up so I don't try and jump out because she has to use both hands to wash me.  They have nice tubs at Bark Williams that have some sort of double floor system so you're not sitting in all your own hair and dirty water - yuck.  they also have a nice nozzle that has warm water (something we don't have when my mom washes me in front of the house).

They have different types of shampoo to pick from right there - no need to bring your own.  My favorite is oatmeal but they also have "tear free" and "flea and tick."  After the shampoo my mom uses the "rinse" to condition my fur.  Now I have to say that I am not the most cooperative dog when it comes to bath time and I try and get back at my mom by giving her a bath.  Lucky for her they have aprons for the moms and dads so that they don't get too wet.

After you are rinsed off they have some shammies to dry you off.  Now here is the one negative part of Bark Williams.  I was there a few years ago and enjoyed those shammies because the more dry I can get with those the less time I have to be dried with the "monster."  But today the shammies had lot of holes in them.  I think they need some new shammies.  After my mom pre-dried me she turned the orange "monster" on.

Now I know it's not really a monster but I hate it.  It makes noise and air comes shooting out of it and I'm strapped to the tub so I can't get away.  My mom is pretty nice about being gentle and drying my face from farther away so it isn't too scary.  She also let me take breaks and used some treats to keep me calm. 

Then it was (finally) time to go.  Now my mom says we have too many treats and toys at home but if you are in the market for some of that stuff they have lots at Bark Williams.  They had some treats that I have used before and some fancy stuffed toys. 

The people are friendly and helpful (the first time we went we had lots of questions but now we know what to do) and the place is very nice and CLEAN.  And when you pay for your bath they give you a "cookie" - who can beat that.  All in all if you're going to get a bath I would recommend it - it's nicer than getting a bath outside because there is warm watter, your parents don't have to hunch over as the baths are up high, and your parents don't have to clean up the mess.  It costs about fifteen dollars for a bath but my mom thinks it is well worth the money.

P.S.  When my mom decides I need a professional bath and haircut she takes me to Paws 'n' Claws in Pacific Palisades.  They are the only people that have ever been able to cut my nails.  They also deal with glands that need to be excreted and given nice haircuts.  I've been going since I was a puppy and if you have to get a bath it's a nice place to go.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scent Discrimination Class Week 5

So today it was up off and early to yet another scent discrimination class at the Zoom Room in Culver City.  One of my classmates was absent but we went ahead with class nonetheless.

Today we did some review first and I sniffed all the boxes and then sat at them without being told.  Everyone oohed and ahhed for me.  That made me pretty proud of myself. 

Then the trainer put out boxes with scents and treats and hid them from us.  He hid them behind agility equipment behind bigger boxes.  He couldn't fool us though - we found those boxes.  Next he hid them and then pout out a decoy box that had no scent in it.  Well that was a little harder.  The first time I sniffed the decoy and pawed it and my mom said "no" so kept going.  The next time around I was not fooled though. 

Next week is our last class so hopefully I will pass (I'm not sure you can fail but my mom won't be happy if I do).  Either way I have LOVED this class.  I'm finally getting to do something that I was bred to do.  While I enjoy walks and sleeping and sleeping, sometimes a hound dog just has to sniff.  Hopefully my mom will keep practicing with me.  (I think she will because it makes me tired and calmer which she LOVES.)

My mom had to ruin the day though by taking me to get a bath (more on that later). 

Also since next week is our last week my friend Carrie is going to come watch and hopefully she will take some pictures of me sniffing those boxes that I can share.