Thursday, October 7, 2010

Under the Weather

So I have not been able to blog for some time because I have not been feeling well.  I have an ear infection, which is apparently very common in dogs with long lovely ears like mine.  So we went to the vet and she told my mom I needed ear drops, which I was not very happy about but my mom kept tricking me and getting them in there anyway.  That went on for three weeks and then we ran out of drops and I still had the ear infection so we went back to the vet.

This time I was on to her and wouldn't let her near my ear so they said to bring me back later and they would sedate me and get it cleaned out and exam it.  So then I went to my mom's office for a few hours with my buddy Mumble.

This is my buddy Mumble - he was mad that I wouldn't play with him but I was super tired from the vet visit.
 So then my mom took me back to the vet which I was not happy about.  They gave me a sedative and an opiate - maximum amount they told my mom - but still I wouldn't let that vet near my ear for too long.  It really hurts and, did I mention, I don't like the vet.  Anyway the vet prescribed two pills - a steroid because now my ear was inflamed and something for the infection.  Also she told my mom to just leave my ear alone for a week and then start with a new type of ear drops (I am not looking forward to that).  When I got back home to my bed and that vet wasn't trying to poke my ear I slept for a loooong time.  But I seem to be on the mend.  The steroids make me super thirsty and hungry so my mom is coming home to visit me in the middle of the day - lucky me. 

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