Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Sew Doggy Cape

I don't sew - I wish I did. My high school did not offer a home economics class but instead I took wood shop, stain glass and jewelery making. I wish I could add sewing to my list of skills. I thought by watching Project Runway I could learn but that didn't work.
What I can do is glue. And cut. So when it came time to make Chopper a rainbow cape for his birthday that's what I did. I used some other shirts of his to get the right length and figure out how to attach it around his next and penciled out a pattern on a large piece of red felt.

Next I just divided it up and cut out the stripes. I used felt glue (which I did not know existed the last time I made Chopper a felt outfit and this stuff is so much easier to work with than other glues I tried).

You can see where I just glued the Velcro on in the neck closure.

A little dry time and voila! An easy (but slightly time intensive) cape. I'm thinking I could easily make him a Super-Chopper cape next.

I had to use Chopper's stuffed gorilla as a model as he was not cooperating

Then on his birthday I just slipped it on him. It would sometimes wiggle to one side so I'm thinking if we make another one we may need a tummy strap as well.

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