Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chopper's 5th Birthday Party

So now that it has been over a month since Chopper's birthday I am finally getting around to sharing some pictures. We had a rainbow themed birthday party (mainly because I wanted to try out all these rainbow recipes and crafts).

We made sure everyone knew it was Chopper's big day.

I made Chopper this cape for his party and I ordered him a crown from Young Urban Puppy for the occasion.

I decorated and made sure there were plenty of birthday sweets.

There were lots and lots of sweets.  We still have some of those Oreos laying around.

Rainbow birthday cake.

Rainbow dipped Oreos - really sweet but super cute.

I really liked the way they looked.

Rainbow dipped dog bones were a big hit!

Pupcakes!  The pupcakes came from Sprinkles and I added the Chopper heads and rainbows!

The whole dessert table!

Yes this was all a little overboard - but I had the tablecloth already and it kind of went from there.  Plus you only turn five once.

Chopper's favorite treat was the people rainbow cake - I only got one shot of the inside and it was me bribing him with the top of the cake I had to cut off to make the cake nice and flat. 

So Chopper wasn't the only one in a rainbow outfit there were corsages for the doggy guests!

I made these corsages with some felt, glue and Velcro.
Chopper's favorite part aside from the cake was opening his presents - this dog figured out how to do this at his first birthday - we haven't seen if he can open a wrapped present yet but I have a feeling it wouldn't be a problem.

I think Chopper got a little tired of having his picture taken but he looked so cute in that hat I couldn't help it.

Chopper got some birthday blues.

Dreaming about all the cake he was going to eat.

A few weeks after all this it occurred to me that Chopper looked like someone famous in that hat.

Yep - I made my dog look like Jughead.  They have the same appetite and both have long noses (although I think Chopper's looks better on him) - so I am surprised it took me this long to figure it out.

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