Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vet Visit

Last night was probably one of our most uneventful vet visits in some time - no blood, no fungus, no urine test, no blood test - just your run of the mill annual check up and one vaccine. Chopper even behaved better during his examination.

The vet visit started with the weigh-in though and someone is now a whopping 78 lbs. He's supposed to be 70 lbs. Last year he was 72 lbs - although he had dropped some weight after that. I told the vet how much he walks (at least 40 minutes a day), that he has other activities (the beach, agility, etc.) and the amount of food he eats (1/2 cup dry in the morning and 1/2 can of wet food and 1/2 dry in the evening) and, as usual, they said "that's all." Also I don't think Chopper gets a ton of treats - what may be the problem though is his after dinner routine.

Before you feed Chopper in the evening he is content to lay down, get his neck scratched or bark at a neighbor. Once he eats though he realizes that he is STARVING. He starts going to the treat jars and begging, opening drawers underneath the treat jars (it's a file drawer), crying, poking the furniture, taking his puzzles off the shelf, scratching at the bathroom door (there's no food in there), searching all his treat toys for one tiny piece of food until I get so annoyed that I give him a piece of chicken. Then the process starts all over again and I give him a tiny rawhide with a piece of chicken on it. This can go on for some time until he throws himself on the floor and goes to sleep.

Well, Mr. Chopper, I think your after dinner snack days are numbered.

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