Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Therapy Dog Class Week 1

I am now enrolled in my fourth class of the year at the Zoom Room.  I think this may be a little overboard but my mom would like me to be well-educated (and well-behaved) so I endure the endless classes.  Plus she says it is more interesting than American Diplomatic History or Legal Ethics (what was she thinking taking those classes anyway?). 

So last week we started with Therapy Dog Class. For the record, at the current time, we have no intentions that I will actually become a therapy dog.  I'm a little scared of children and some elderly citizens as well.  I'm sure there are other people that need a therapy dog and maybe someday (when I take the class a fifth time) I can help those people.  For now the main objective, according to my mom, is to get me conditioned to different situations.  I say - bring it on!

This time there are only six dogs in the class which give me a little more breathing room - I like it.  I was there early last week and only one dog was there and she wanted to be my friend.  We did the sniff test and I decided she was a good apple.  Next my buddy Mumble got there - I didn't know he was in that class too - we got to sit next to each other so that was good (also he didn't like his dried apple treats so I got to eat all of them - I just love that dog).  Anyway then these very large German Shepards with very serious parents came in. I like serious people - they don't let a bunch of shenanigans go on.  Then there is a tiny dog who seems a little skittish.  There were no barking puppies.

There was a lot of talking that I wasn't interested in - something about finding out which organization you needed to be certified through to work where you wanted to do therapy dog.  And that you could only have one and not the other.  He did say that one thought you should never be away from your dog (I would like to be in that group please).  Then we got the names of the other dogs and their people.  I'm not good with names but there is always a Bella or Stella in there somewhere.

After the introductions we got down to work.  We practiced some stand stays, some down stays and then the hard part  - the props.  The trainer brought out a wheelchair and an IV pole and we had to take treats and not bark.  I did GREAT - you would think I wasn't terrified of the vet (maybe I just need a regular people doctor?). 

We also practiced getting pet by the trainer and looking at our parents when the trainer went by (I went to the trainer instead on this one as he gives me yummy treats).  Can't wait to see what's on the agenda for class this week.

Tonight I have to go to the vet's for a checkup and a vaccination (I am not happy about this).  I keep telling my mom we need to find a belief system that doesn't believe in doctors or vaccinations so I don't have to go through with this nonsense every few months.  She said I wouldn't be able to go to the Zoom Room or daycare though.  I told her I could live with that if it meant no more needles. 

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