Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jonathan Adler Pet Accessories

I love my dog but even I have some limits on how much I am willing to spend on things like dog bowls and beds but that doesn't' mean that I haven't always really wanted some Jonathan Adler Pet Accessories. I'm not sure at the end of the day though that a llama wool pet bed is really practical for the Chops.

Imagine my shock yesterday to quite by accident discover that Jonathan Adler has designed a set of collars and leads (which I found for sale at Lifeguard Press). And which are brightly colored and fantastic.

My favorite is the Chevron collar.

The collars come in two sizes and four designs and there are matching leads as well. One or two of the collars will likely find their way to our house very soon. (Probably won't be buying a lead though - we have a leather lead which was expensive but one of the best things I ever bought and is so much more comfortable than any other lead we've ever had.)

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