Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Bedtime Story

We go through a lot of beds at my house - my mom only has one bed and hasn't got a new bed the whole time I've known her but I've had LOTS of beds.  Now don't go thinking I'm spoiled or destroying beds all the time (though both of those are a little true.)

My first bed was purchased the same day I was adopted.  It was a smaller bed as I was much smaller than (only 43 lbs v. 70 lbs).  I liked that bed a lot so my mom bought me the same bed for the living room - she didn't want to keep moving the bed around. 

Then I got bigger and the bed got smaller and I was still a puppy so sometimes I would chew the corners on those beds.  My mom would sew up the corners and I would chew them again - it was a fun game but eventually the zippers didn't work anymore and when my mom washed the whole bed it was lumpy.  I don't like lumpy beds.

So then the great bed search began.  My mom decided I would like a bed with a bumper on it.  She searched and searched and finally bought me my first big bed.  My Aunt Joey called it a "condo" because it was so big.  My buddy Mumble could fit on that bed with me no problem.  We also got a cot for the living room about the same time (which is my "place" and where I am supposed to go when my mom says "go to your place").

This is me on the "condo" after it was moved to the living room.  That's my monkey blanket in the corner that my grandma made me - it has monkeys on it because that is my nickname.  I love that blanket.
 After a few years  my mom got tired of having the "condo" take up so much space in the bedroom and she moved it onto the place and got me a smaller bed from Molly Mutt.  She liked that bed so much she got me another one for the car.  The good thing about the Molly Mutt beds are when the cover wears out or if I chew it we can just buy a new cover!

This is my Molly Mutt bed that stays in the bedroom.  It is comfy.

This is my Molly Mutt bed for the car.

Things were going well for awhile but recently the "condo" has started to get a little shabby looking and last week when my mom washed it one of the zippers broke.  (Also someone chewed one of the inside pieces one time but I don't know who.)  So we had this bed for a week with one bumper falling out and my mom was getting antsy.  The problem with the "condo" was that after my mom ordered it she realized that she couldn't order replacement covers for it so now when the zipper broke and the material started to wear out there wasn't much we could do.

So last weekend my mom went to a Pet Expo in Orange County.  She was perusing the aisles and came across the booth for Jax and Bones.  They sell some nice beds.  They only had one large bed left and it was the end of the day on Sunday - so they made my mom a deal.  So my mom got me the lounge bed in a red, white and blue fabric and made sure that we could order a replacement cover.  My mom got me this super duper $249 bed for only $75!  It has bumpers on all four sides and the pillow comes out too.  This fabric happens to be indoor or outdoor fabric as well (I'm not sleeping outside though) but they have LOTS of options on the website.  Knowing my mom she is already deciding which replacement cover she will get (I'm guessing black and white to match our living room).

This is my new bed - so far I think I'm going to like it.  (That's my stuffed Bolt in the corner - sometimes I like to snuggle with him when I go to sleep.)

And I slept happily ever after.

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  1. That is an awesome bed dude! Bet it's comfy too!