Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

So it is only a month until Valentine's Day.  I have no idea what to get my mom and honestly I'm not feeling that much in the spirit since she made me a vet appointment for that day.  But if you are looking for a gift for your pooch then here are some gifts any dog would like.

For the dog that has everything how about a little blue box.  My mom has boxes like this on her dresser at home so I figure it must be a good gift. 

My mom loves these little blue boxes!

For those of you that will still be buried under snow come Valentine's Day, how about a lovely sweater for your dog.  This one is pink and blue and I think it would look good on either a boy or a girl dog.  And it comes in larger sizes.
I wouldn't mind wearing this sweater if it was cold where I lived.

A personal favorite, my mom got this for me a few months ago, is this "Mommy Dearest" collar (there is a leash too) that lets everyone know how much your dog loves you.  Also it looks like a tattoo but I'm going to guess it is a lot less painful.

This is one of many collars my mom has bought for me.

If your dog is going to a party (like me) he is going to need at least an accessory.  How about this little collar attachment? And they even have a matching collar (more up my alley than a bow). These little beauties are pretty reasonably priced ($6-$9) so almost any dog can feel special on Valentine's Day. 

This "bow" snaps right on your collar - it's like a doggy corsage!

And if you think your pet is even more festive check out these Valentine's Day "hats" or the cupid wings (but don't tell my mom about those or I may have to wear them).

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