Thursday, November 11, 2010

We're Getting a New Dog

My mom informed me last night that we were getting a new dog.  He will apparently not make any messes but will clean up all of mine.  I am intrigued by this new dog and not sure I will be happy when he arrives. His name is "Dirt Dog" and he's not a dog at all but a robot sweeper (the less expensive cousin of a Roomba which is a robot vacuum). 

My mom has been threatening to get one of these for quite some time and since it is the time of year that her allergies begin to act up and I shed a lot she finally got one.  The Dirt Dog is made for shops but my mom read lots of reviews that it is great at picking up dog hair (which is our main problem) so she ordered one.  We'll have to let you know how it goes once we get it.

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