Monday, August 30, 2010

Molly Mutt

We have lots of beds at my house.  My mom has one bed and I have three.  I have a cot, a giant bed in the living room and a smaller bed in "my room."  My mom was always complaining that none of my beds were "cute."

Then we found Molly Mutt.  Molly Mutt sells dog beds but these are not your run of the mill dog beds.  Molly Mutt offers duvet covers that you can stuff with your mom's old clothes, your favorite old blanket or anything else you want.  You can buy a stuff sack to help keep all that stuff in one place.  My mom ordered me one and I just love it.

Here I am enjoying my Molly Mutt Title Track Duvet with a Stuff Sack

We just ordered another one for the car and I can't wait until it gets here (because one of my favorite things to do is bark at people who deliver stuff to my house).  My mom didn't have anything to stuff in it so we ordered some stuffing.  The beds come in three sizes and I am pretty comfortable on the Medium/Large.  I LOVE to sleep and I sleep all night on this bed and even sneak away during the day to  take a nap on it.  My mom likes that she can take the duvet off and wash it with my other linens.  She will even vacuum it sometimes (which I do not like).   Molly Mutt is always getting new duvets in and they even have cat beds too.

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