Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scent Discrimination Class Week 5

So today it was up off and early to yet another scent discrimination class at the Zoom Room in Culver City.  One of my classmates was absent but we went ahead with class nonetheless.

Today we did some review first and I sniffed all the boxes and then sat at them without being told.  Everyone oohed and ahhed for me.  That made me pretty proud of myself. 

Then the trainer put out boxes with scents and treats and hid them from us.  He hid them behind agility equipment behind bigger boxes.  He couldn't fool us though - we found those boxes.  Next he hid them and then pout out a decoy box that had no scent in it.  Well that was a little harder.  The first time I sniffed the decoy and pawed it and my mom said "no" so kept going.  The next time around I was not fooled though. 

Next week is our last class so hopefully I will pass (I'm not sure you can fail but my mom won't be happy if I do).  Either way I have LOVED this class.  I'm finally getting to do something that I was bred to do.  While I enjoy walks and sleeping and sleeping, sometimes a hound dog just has to sniff.  Hopefully my mom will keep practicing with me.  (I think she will because it makes me tired and calmer which she LOVES.)

My mom had to ruin the day though by taking me to get a bath (more on that later). 

Also since next week is our last week my friend Carrie is going to come watch and hopefully she will take some pictures of me sniffing those boxes that I can share.

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