Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poo Bags for Christmas

The last few weeks have been a little frazzled in our household. I had to take off the week after Thanksgiving for a family emergency and Chopper had to be boarded. Apparently running home in the middle of the day and packing for him and me in an hour and rushing to the Kennel was a sign to him that all was not well. He was a little more vocal than usual at drop off and seems to have shrunk while he was away. All that and he has to go back for more than week during Christmas.

Given the unexpected circumstances Christmas shopping ceased and I haven't done much to catch up during the last week or so. I did order Chopper something nice for Christmas and some treats but generally speaking he's not going to make out as well as he has in the past.

We are running low on poo bags though so he may end up getting a supply of those for the holidays. That seems like it could be the doggy equivalent of coal though. I'm sure once he notices the treats though he won't really care. Another reason dogs are better than people.

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