Friday, August 12, 2011

Waterfront Property

A few nights ago I was getting ready to take Chopper out for his last bathroom break when I heard some rushing water. My building has had problems with pipes before but this sounded like a lot of water. I hooked Chopper up to his leash and went outside to find that we had a river running in front of our building. A pipe had burst in the community garden out front and we live on a hill so the water was literally rushing down the hill.

Chopper was not at all upset by this turn of events. He seemed to want to get in the water (it was after midnight so I was not obliging) and not come back in the house. Later (after the firemen had left but before the Department of Water and Power got there) he scratched at the door to go out again. I took him out thinking he wasn't feeling well but he just wanted to see the water. Sheesh.

Now Chopper has always loved the beach and I have joked on occasion that he needs to find a richer mommy to buy him a beach house in Malibu or Santa Monica. Apparently we just needed a pipe to burst to make his dreams come true. Sadly (for Chopper) the pipe was fixed and the river disappeared.

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