Monday, March 14, 2011

Phydough: A Food Truck for Dogs

A few weeks ago after my final Scent Discrimination Class my mom surprised me by taking me to a food truck just for dogs called Phydough (pronounced like Fido).  Now my mom has bought into these trendy food trucks and I can't complain as I usually get a tidbit of whatever she has ordered but their is never anything just for me.  (I would like to state that I have tried for years to get my mom to go to food trucks when we pass them on our walks but not until they got trendy did she cooperate.  Just saying.)  But this was different - it was all for DOGS.
Chopper with his new favorite truck!

Phydough had lots of options.  You could get cookies, ice-cream or an ice-cream sandwich. And you could also take cookie dough home so that you could make it later.  Well my mom loves me so she got me a little of everything.  We got a peanut butter bacon ice cream sandwich to eat on the spot.  Yummy!  My buddy Mumble got the same thing but he didn't seem to like his as much so I got to eat some of his too.  Double Yummy!!

Chopper's ice-cream sandwich and his bag of goodies to take home

Then we got some cookies to take home with us.  My mom got me a red velvet cookie, a peanut butter bacon cookie dough too.

We also got the cookie dough to take home - we haven't made it yet but it can go in the freezer so the next time I have company over I will have something to serve fresh from the oven. 

I would give this place four paws up for all the great options they had for a dog like me (and the stuff was delicious) and I think we would go back again.  My mom did spend $20 this time (it was a celebration after all) but you can pick up an ice-cream sandwich of some cookies for just a few bucks. 

Waiting patiently to eat his ice-cream sandwich, which he could have easily reached (he tried a few times).
More waiting.
Finally eating his ice-cream sandwich!!!

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