Monday, February 28, 2011

Dog Treats

For the past year I have been trying very hard to use all the dog treats in our house before we buy new ones. Now it is not that I have a year's worth of treats in my house I have just not been very good about sticking to this rule. I will inevitably find myself in some sort of dog or pet store with some new treat Chopper has not had and think he needs to try it.

If I travel somewhere and there is a treat that I haven't seen before I will buy it for him. When I visit my parents' in Pennsylvania there is a store called Brandt's Mill that has these hard sausages for dogs that he LOVES and I can't find anywhere else so I will inevitably come back with at least a dozen of those after every trip. (Chopper is well aware of this fact and will raid my luggage when I come back from Pennsylvania.) Also I seem to get lots of samples of different dog foods and I will use those as treats as well.
Since October though I have been sticking to this rule pretty well and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I like to empty Chopper's treats into big glass jars all around the house and there are no treats left in storage at this point and only the treats in the jars. When we finish all the treats we are going to celebrate with a shopping trip to the local pet food store and spend the $25 gift certificate a co-worker gave me for Christmas (they know I love my dog) and go to town. We have our favorites - freeze dried liver, dried chicken strips, Zuke's, and a few others which will likely make it into the cart. I'm sure I will be supplementing the gift certificate though.

Since we will be starting from scratch though the possibilities are endless!!! Do you have any treats that your dog would recommend?

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  1. Oh I love Fromm Family treats, the Parmesan cheese flavor is my favorite. Mmmm... I think I need one now!